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Research Assistant

I am a current premed student, with interest in genetics, at ASU looking to finish up my bachelors in 2023. I joined the Kruer Lab in June 2022 as a research assistant. During my time here I have been involved with the Drosophila model of dystonia. In this study we are using excitatory neurons that express ChAT to overexpress PPP1R15 phosphatase and suppress normal phosphorylation of eIF2α. In addition to this, we are studying hTOR∆E (human gene DYT1) that has been linked with dystonia. I have been assisting with data collection and analysis. In addition, I am getting involved in our Genetic Causes of Cerebral Palsy, GCCP for short, where I assist in logistics and data analysis as well. I have interest in going to grad school for genetic counseling and I could not ask for a better team to be surrounded by!

Zach Tiede: TeamMember
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