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Postbac Researcher

I am a molecular cell biologist with a particular specialty in super resolution

microscopy. My primary focus of research for the Kruer lab is conducting

in-vitro functional validation studies of cerebral palsy-associated genes as well as PKAN neurodegeneration. Using both human cell line models and patient derived cell lines, in combination with cutting-edge imaging super resolution microscopy techniques, allows me to visualize molecular processes occurring within single cells. The super-resolution microscopy techniques I employ can probe the structural and functional changes in a wide variety of such as HEK293T, SH-SY5Y, and iPSCs. My goal in the Kruer lab is to gain a better understanding of the C.P. and PKAN pathogenesis on the molecular level which will eventually help lead to the identification potential therapeutic targets.

In addition to my research as a scientist, I am also committed to promoting science education and mentorship. I am a strong advocate for effective science communication as a means of advancing public awareness in science knowledge and research.

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Robert Schafer, BS: TeamMember
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